How to Improve Your Content Performance on Social Media

social media content performance

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Social media is one of the ruling tools of marketing. No matter if you are a blogger, business owner, or influencer, social media posts are your way to success. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others can drive brand awareness.

The question is how to get noticed on social media?

If you want to affect the audience on social networking sites, you need to improve your content performance. If you are wondering how to do that, just keep reading and find out.

Put the focus on the reader

Social media mostly revolves around self-promotion. People try to prove that they are the best, that they deserve the attention of others, and to show what they have to offer.

That is why you should take a different approach and focus on the reader instead.

Let’s say that you run a blog and you want to promote your new article about the benefits of fitness. Here is how you should and shouldn’t promote your content:

  • DON’T: Read my new post about the benefits of fitness. I covered it all.

  • DO: All of you who are still making excuses and skipping exercise should take a look at all this. You’ll see that it will change your mind.

Show your audience that what you do is for them.

Be present and consistent

Your social media performance can’t improve if you don’t post on a regular basis. Show your presence just enough so that they remember you, but not so much that they get bored.

Finding the right balance is the key!

Posting several times a day will be overwhelming for the audience, but a few posts a week can be just right.

For Facebook, you can use Facebook Insights to determine when your audience is online and post accordingly.

Post relevant content

Besides posting your content regularly, you need to pay attention to what you post as well.

Sarah Myers, a marketing specialist at BestWritersCanada explains, “If you post something irrelevant and pointless just for the sake of publishing a post, it will only do you harm.”

If you want to improve content quality, every post you publish should be relevant and valuable to your audience. Meaning, if you have a business which sells exercise equipment, posting about your cat’s new pillow isn’t something your target audience wants to see.

Publish high-quality content

No matter what type of content you publish, whether it is an image, text, or a video, you need to ensure that it is high-quality.

Don’t be too lazy to invest your time and energy to deliver something worth reading or watching.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

Even when you are publishing written content, you should pay extra attention to how it is composed. In case you need some help with that, here are some online services and tools you can turn to:

  • GetGoodGrade – Whether you need some help to come up with an existing post or you want someone to edit your posts to perfection, this online writing service can help you out.

  • Canada-Writers – When you need a top-notch post which will surprise your readers, you can use this website to find writers who can help you out. This website only works with incredibly talented professionals.

  • Grammarly – Before you publish any post, even if it’s just a description, run it through this online tool to make sure that it is completely error-free.

  • The Essay Typer – If you want to edit your posts quickly, you can use this website. It will provide you with actionable writing tips and editing services reviews.

Interested in created video content? Check out Social Media Video Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

Be Relatable

People love posts which they can relate to and learn something from. Use this information to form your posts for your audience’s taste.

Post about everyday things which everyone goes through in life or mention trending topics. Use tools such as GoogleTrends, Twitter Search, and Social Mention to find out what people are currently talking about.

Also, you can also talk to your family and friends to see what type of post they would like to see. It will give you a general idea of what people are interested in.

Build curiosity

Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

Another powerful technique which will improve your content performance is building curiosity.

Professor of Economics and Psychology and an expert in curiosity, George Loewenstein, conducted a study which unveiled what triggers high levels of curiosity. The results showed that it peaks when something:

  • violates our expectations or challenges common beliefs

  • teases a gap in our knowledge

  • it’s not overdone (curiosity can get someone to click a headline, but it won’t keep them on the site forever)

With these tips, you can create a post that will give your audience just enough to tickle their imagination and remember your post.

Add relevant links

Allow people to easily access your blog articles or product mentions by adding backlinks, promotional links, and call-to-actions.

“By adding a relevant link to your content, not only will you help your audience to find what you are talking about but you will also bring leads to your blog or a website,” says Timothy Blake, a content manager at 99HomeworkHelp.

Even if you are mentioning something or someone else’s work in your post, make sure that you include a link to it.

Ask an open-ended question

Engage your target audience by adding a question at the end of your posts.

It will show your readers that you value their opinions. In this way, you will start an interaction with your followers and therefore, build a relationship with them.

Having some personal connection with your audience will automatically make the users your loyal followers. Accordingly, that will improve the performance of your posts.

Use effective images

Nowadays, people pay more attention to eye-catching images than plain words.

Include images in your social media posts whenever you can. Be creative and imaginative if you want to capture the attention of your audience.

When it comes to Instagram, which solely revolves around images, try to think of something authentic, inspiring or funny to post. Original posts will make your brand memorable.


Small tips and tactics such as these can help you to build your social media presence. The content you publish depicts who you are and what you do so it is crucial that you pay close attention to how you’ll approach it.

It’s all about understanding what your audience wants and how you want to present yourself. After all, if you really care about your audience and put enough effort into your content, your social media presence will reflect that.


About the Author: Jessica Fender is a marketing consultant, blogger, and professional writer. She is focused on creating innovative and customer-friendly strategies for business growth. You can follow Jessica on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.