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Hi, I'm Chris Hornak founder of Blog Hands. I've been a digital marketing expert for over a decade and I started Blog Hands as a result of a simple observation: Blogging is an essential strategy to virtually any digital marketing campaign, yet developing content on a consistent basis is a real chore, and many marketing managers are busy overlooking the many aspects of their campaigns. 

During my time managing digital marketing campaigns I found hiring in-house, though typically lead to better content, was very time intensive and hard to scale. When it came to outsourcing, though it was much easier to scale, I was rarely happy with the work that was being delivered. Worst of all the contacts that I was working with had little to no digital marketing background... so they couldn't speak my language.

Blog Hands was designed to provide you with the quality of work of an in-house writer at the cost and flexibility of outsourcing. I truly hope you'll give us a try!


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