4 Simple Steps to Becoming an SEO Pro

If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), learning all there is to know may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry just follow these 4 simple steps and you will quickly become an SEO pro.

Whether you are providing information, entertainment, products or services, smart SEO will match you to relevant search users, significantly increasing traffic from those you want to serve.

Content Types That Drive Remarkable Attraction

When you are finished building your website, what comes next? Marketing it. You need to find a way to make it discoverable in searches. You are competing with thousands of sites like yours. The last thing you want is to rank outside of Google's page one. Did you know that 75 percent of searchers do not look beyond Google's first page of search results?

You need to create and use enough of the right kind of content. Your content should aim at engaging visitors on your site. Here are various types of content that could improve your website:

The Easy Way to Optimize Your Content for RankBrain

RankBrain, confirmed by Google on October 26 2015, is an AI program that Google's search engine uses to identify user intent. RankBrain uses machine learning, a branch of statistics, to model scenarios and draw deductions from incomplete data without the need for human input.

Simply put, when you do a Google search it no longer uses a preset algorithm, it's now thinking. RankBrain tries to understand your intent based on its past experiences with similar searches. 

7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Must Invest in a Blog

In today’s world, investing time and money in a blog is a very lucrative option for a small business to scale-up. It can help you increase your sales and your profits by leveraging several other opportunities online. You’re probably wondering why someone who owns an auto retail shop should start a blog for their business. Why should someone running a carpet cleaning business put aside precious time to sit at their laptop and key in ‘5 Ways Baking Soda Can Save Your Carpets’? Well, presently, the customer pool for a small business is not limited to people who walk into its brick and mortar storefront. If leveraged right, online opportunities can widen the scope for gaining new customers and increasing sales, and one of the highly effective methods of getting this done is writing and promoting a blog.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Blog Writing Service

Attracting your ideal customers by providing high-quality content is a trend that is showing no signs of abating. Almost all B2B marketers surveyed by CMI used content marketing. And, according to DemandMetric, more than three-quarters of CMOs believe that custom content is the future of marketing.

While online marketing continues to evolve, the part that involves entertaining, educating, and/or informing your visitors remains a priority. It’s more important than ever to have great content. Companies across many industries are producing more content year on year.

10 Best Keyword Research Tools and Their Top Feature

The quick way to choose your keywords is to think about the words your ideal visitor is likely to use to find content like yours, use them, and then check back in 4 months to a year to see what the results have been like.

The smart way, however – that is why you’re here, right? - is to use a suite of the best tools on the web. Many of the following resources will do wonders for your campaign free of charge.

How to Start Your Freelance Writing Career Through Blogging

Changing a career is an important step that may bring changes to your life. However, sometimes you change the career just to make those changes happen. For example, you may dream about more spare time and the possibility to work from any country. If fact, this is one of the dreams that everyone has. That’s why everyone considers the possibility to become a freelancer. Still, freelancing is not for everyone. For example, you cannot be a freelance doctor or a freelance lawyer. Of course, you can take some order, but that will not be enough to earn money and to attract new clients. Thus, you need to find some occupation that will allow you to make money despite the necessity to visit the office, find new clients, and even to talk to people. One of the best ones is becoming a becoming a writer.