Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Blog Hands?

Unlike other blog writing services that are just content farms, churning out low-quality content, Blog Hands has over a decade experience in SEO and Digital Marketing and understands the importance of having content your customers will find valuable. 

Who are Blog Hands for?

Small to medium-sized businesses who may not have the time or staff to keep their blog updated.
Bloggers who's blogs which have become stale and need more frequent updates.
Agencies who want to offer blog writing and SEO services to their clients without having to hire a whole team or writers.
New websites that want to hit the ground running by having their site populating with fresh, unique content.

Do you use any automated software?

NO, we never use any automated software all our work is done by real, experienced, people!

Who is writing my blog posts?

We have an ever-growing team of trained blog writers. Depending on the nature of your blogs needs, the task will be assigned to the writer with the most expertise in your particular niche.

Can I request a revision if I don’t like the blog posts?

Yes, each blog post allows revisions. Just provide a clear description on what you'd like revised.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the work?

In the case of the extremely unlikely scenario that you are not entirely happy, and we can't meet your needs. A refund would be issued for the unapproved content. 

Is there a long-term commitment?

No, you may cancel at any time.

Who owns the content?

You do! The content we write on your behalf belongs to you. 

Will my content be unique?

Yes, we check each piece of content for plagiarism. 

Do you provide images?

No, though we don't provide images, due to design and legal reasons, we'll be glad to help provide you with image resources. 

Shouldn't I be writing my blog content?

Sure, we encourage you to write your blog content, but we also understand the challenge of consistently writing new content. This is a core reason Blog Hands was started. To help take the weight of knowing where your next blog post will come from off your shoulders.

How long will my posts be?

We have three options available: short (400 words), classic (800 words) and long (1,200 words). If you'd like a different site, you may request a custom plan. 

I represent an agency, can you help?

Yes, we commonly work with various agencies and we offer discounts for bulk orders.