Best Content Analysis Tools to Improve Content Quality

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When we first started creating content, we were very aware that most content marketing advice helped digital marketers create content that checked boxes, yet failed to help them deliver on a human level. Fortunately, over the years, we’ve seen more and more content analysis tools that help you get to the heart of content creation: creating quality blog content to not only reach your audience, but move them to engage, too.

Content analysis tools help determine the performance, tone, and quality of content. They are perfect for content creators, such as digital marketers, who want to reach their audience with relevant, quality content, not just once a season, but every time.

These tools comprise such tools as content audit tools, copywriting checkers, proofreading software, and sophisticated AI spellcheckers. Using any of these or a combination can enhance your content without breaking the bank or losing your time. They are much more likely to save you time and help you make money in the form of better conversions.

As a digital marketer looking for ways to improve your content quality, get comfortable with using data-driven tools that will help you take your content to the next level.

The Importance and Benefits of Quality Content

When there is so much to consider when creating content, it can be tempting to forsake quality in favor of other more compelling (and easier) factors, such as keywords and article length. Don’t. According to Google, creating compelling and useful content is more likely to influence the ranking of your website than shining up your meta tags and streamlining your navigation, among other noble digital marketing activities.

“Organic or word-of-mouth buzz is what helps build your site's reputation with both users and Google, and it rarely comes without quality content.” - Google

According to Google, best practices include:

  • Making sure that your text is easy to follow. This means eliminating spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as putting in the effort to write as well as you can, all the time.

  • Organizing your topics. Use paragraphs, subheadings, and formatting tools to divide your content into logical chunks that will help people understand your content.

  • Focusing on users. Overuse or unnatural use of keywords can be irritating, confusing, and amateurish. They get between the reader and an enjoyable experience consuming your content.

There are many “tricks” and “cheats,” out there for optimizing your site ranking. If you’re a digital marketer, however, you will be looking for something more authentic, professional, and consistent. Creating consistent, high-performing content that speaks to your audience will help your business forge stronger relationships and improve your trust and brand recognition.

Don’t just build your audience. Build your engagement. Here is the lowdown on 7 of our favorite content analysis tools to help you do just that.

Our Recommended Content Analysis Tools:

Atomic Reach

The perfect writing tool for businesses looking to convert content into an effective sales pitch, this platform offers score carding, which gives users a clear view of their content’s performance. It also optimizes content conversion and provides effective writing feedback geared towards a more effective, customer oriented and engaging writing style. This saves valuable time by concentrating writers’ efforts toward creating effective and goal-oriented content without impacting creativity.

The application is powered by an ever-adapting AI that not only utilizes business intelligence to increase contents’ online visibility and public appeal, but it also learns, improving its success rate later on. It suggests the best times to publish content for the greatest effect.

Atomic Reach offers users an in-depth analysis of content performance and, through its scoring system, provides an effective tool that ensures consistent content quality and marketing success.

These very effective and versatile tools give Atomic Reach users an edge on competitors that spells greater online presence and profitability. Pricing is flexible according to your needs. You can get in touch with Atomic Reach for a quote, and each plan includes a 14-day trial.


One of the world’s most popular writing apps, Hemingway offers users effective proofreading software that is both effective and free of charge, although a more advanced version is available for a token $6,99. Hemingway allows writers to proofread as the content is written, reducing or avoiding editing time later on. It also allows writers to convey their ideas in clear and simple language. With Hemingway, writers can revisit sentences that are overcomplicated or redundant.

This copywriting checker also offers alternatives, using a color system, such as red to denote a sentence that’s very hard to read and in urgent need of attention, and blue to indicate adverbs which the writer may wish to reconsider. Hemingway gives the user a clear picture of the written content and guides them toward a clearer and more effective writing style.

Compatible with both word and Mac, Hemingway is a must-have for writers the world over. It’s sure to ensure high quality and easy to read content.


Grammarly is an indispensable tool for writers and editors alike. It creates a grammatically correct and cohesive content, finding and correcting the 400 most-common grammatical mistakes.

This copywriting checker helps writers optimize their creative potential without wasting time on the grammatical minutiae. In doing so, they can save a great deal of editorial time.

It also is an invaluable ally in the fight against plagiarism as it compares the written content with over 16 billion web pages. This is particularly valuable for editors the world over for whom original content is important. Avoiding the embarrassment and legal implications of presenting plagiarized content are essential.

Grammarly’s usefulness doesn’t stop there though. It also presents the user with optimized context-related vocabulary suggestions, helping improve and enrich the content.

Compatible with Word and outlook and just about every other online platform and OS, it’s clear to see why Grammarly is the web’s most popular grammar checking program. It’s also free of charge, while Premium opens up more options for $140 per year. It’s also possible to pay monthly or quarterly, though you may lose the discount associated with paying annually.


This is an all-encompassing writing aid and mentor for its users, fulfilling the grammar correcting functions of Grammarly while providing proofreading software like Hemingway. This online writing tool guides writers into optimizing and improving their writing style by offering effective alternatives to written content and helping the user discover and analyze their writing style. This provides the user with the services of an online editor.

ProWritingAid is invaluable for upcoming writers who would like guidance and are discovering their writing style. It is also very useful for established writers, however, such as those opting for self-publishing. The program has an arsenal of writing tools that are designed to correct the content but more importantly educate the user while doing so improving the user’s writing style over time. Of course, the tool cannot replace the experience and effectiveness of a human editor, but it does help. Free of charge, ProWritingAid is effective and very popular.

SEMrush - Content Analyzer

SEMrush is a high-performance content analyzer, and the marketer’s best friend. This tool offers an in-depth analysis of written content and provides the user with an effective SEO and social relevance analysis of the content. It allows for comparisons in the social reach of the content and its performance compared with others, helping users concentrate on effective writing strategies by comparing and analyzing content’s effect and performance on different social media outlets. It also analyses competitors’ content and strategies and the keywords used for their online success. This allows users to mimic and tailor their pieces for maximum appeal and online visibility.

In addition, SEMrush actively helps find new keywords, allowing for an ever-expanding marketing presence online. It allows users to explore and compare their current and past marketing successes and ranking.

These are only some of SEMrush’s high-performance marketing tools, which is why SEMrush is a go-to application for many marketers. Plans start at $100 per month, all of which include a diverse suite of tools to help improve the quality of your content.


This program has quickly gained popularity among writers from all fields. Twinword offers its users alternate and multiple words. This helps content creators generate richer and more diversified written content. It’s particularly useful when faced with writers’ block or when you want to avoid spending too long finding the right word.

Twinword allows users to highlight particular words and correct them instead of having to pause on each sentence. It offers a tone analyzer feature which highlights the overall tone of writers’ content (it can tell you whether text is positive or negative).

This tool also provides a topic tagger that helps presents the user with key words relevant to the text being written. The writer can set aside favorite words for later use, helping enrich the user’s vocabulary and overall writing style.

Just like any professional writing tool, Twinword offers word counting as well as retrieving previous text. This helps save time and can reduce stress among content writers whose greatest nightmare is sometimes the irretrievable loss of valuable content.

You can start creating with Twinword’s writing environment, an ideas LSI Graph word association dictionary, language scoring, and a text similarity tool for free.


Writefull is a very exciting new writing tool that is helping revolutionize the potential of writers worldwide. It allows content writers to explore their use of words and writing style by providing effective feedback and word alternatives, and checking your content against an expansive database of correct language.

It also allows its users to write their content for the desired audience. For example, if you are writing an academic piece, the program can search academic databases to help guide your writing style. It’s also an invaluable translating tool for writers that need to use or write a text in a foreign language.

Writefull excels at helping people improve their writing styles by dissecting the written content, and offering clarity on the context of words used, the definition of those words, and the use of synonyms, providing alternatives when necessary.

This is available for Windows, Linux, MAC, and Google Chrome free of charge, increasing Writefull’s online presence and popularity.

These 7 content analysis tools will provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your content. You will be able to maximize not only your content, but your abilities as a digital marketer.

No matter what tools you use, don’t be blinded by the technology. Keep sight of your goal and use these tools consistently to create consistent, high-performing content.

Don’t over-complicate things, no matter what the marketers say. The truth is often simple, and the key to creating engaging content is to provide accessible, readable content appropriate for your audience; don’t attempt to dazzle them if doing so makes your content too hard for them to understand.

Once you’ve identified your top keywords and found topic ideas that are most likely to convert, use a killer title to get people to click and open it. Then, use content analysis tools to make sure your audience always thinks that clicking on your link was worth their time.