See Why Mom Bloggers Are Crushing Social Media Influence

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When I was reviewing who where the top blogging experts according to Klout. I found it interested that, at the time, 5 out of the top 10 bloggers where mom bloggers. I decided to talk to a few of them so the rest of us can better understand them and what drives their success in the blogging arena. 

To many, a mom blogger is someone who blogs about their home-life with their children. However, the term ‘mommy blogger’ has grown to label almost every female blogger with a child and has ever written anything on the topic of parenting – even if this is not the primary focus of their writing. Some find this term demeaning to mothers that blog while others embrace this label and own it with a great sense of pride.

Many of these ‘mommy bloggers’ are intelligent, skilled writers with important things to say. They are lawyers, high-level managers, intellectuals, and other professional women who have found a way to have their voices heard outside of the conventional workplace. I decided to talk to a few successful ‘mommy bloggers,' find out a little more about them and ask why they think ‘mommy bloggers’ are crushing it in the blogging game.

Insights from Expert Mom Bloggers

Each In the Top 0.1% of Blogging Influencers

Vicki Psarias

Name: Vicki Psarias

Twitter: @HonestMummy

Psarias started her blog after a traumatic birth with her first son, Oliver as a way to rediscover her voice and find a creative outlet. She was a TV director and filmmaker before she had her son and felt lost and alone while on maternity leave. Within only a few weeks she was a finalist at the BritMums Blogging Awards and was receiving paid commission work. Her business has grown so much it is now her full-time job and runs her site with a small team. Vicky’s number 1 tip is to write what you want to read and forget about what’s “popular.” “Write about your passions and from the heart and a like-minded audience will find you.”

Vicky, why do you think mommy bloggers are crushing social media influence?

“I think mums/moms are seeking honest sites/blogs which share both the good and the 'bad' aspects of parenting-the tough times and how to overcome them (or at least laugh collectively about them). As parents, we rely on the internet more so than for ease of access-no more so than in the early days/years for everything from advice and support to which brands are the best for our kids. It's precisely that which makes us the ideal collaborators for brands-we've built a trust with our audience and will only endorse what we believe in. People never stop having kids either, so our sites and their archives are an endless source of interest.”

It all started when Moore decided she needed a unique space where she could capture all of her memories with her young daughter and after only a few short months, her blog became her full-time job. For new bloggers, she suggests keeping an editorial calendar to help plan posts and stay on track. She uses the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress and loves it! Moore also says that every business should be blogging. “I think a blog is a wonderful way for a business to connect with their audience and is such a useful marketing tool for any business.”

Aby, why do you think mommy bloggers are social media influence?

“The mummy bloggers I know who are crushing it are bright, determined, and super talented ladies. They have the capacity to work outside the home, look after their families and still write amazing content. Being a mum means you can do so many things all at once, and that is exactly what is needed in blogging!”

Jana Seitzer

Name: Jana Seitzer


Twitter: @merlotmommy

Back in 2010, Seitzer was seeking a creative outlet in blogging. A few years later her blog would grow into a full-time career. An important piece of advice Seitzer has for aspiring bloggers it so be authentic. “Don’t try to be anyone but yourself. Talk about what you want to talk about and buy a real domain name up from with a self-hosted website.” This is one of the only ways to be taken seriously as a blogger in the long-run she explains.

Jana, why do you think mommy bloggers are social media influence?

People like an authentic voice. If you are an authentic storyteller, that works to your advantage. Moms are authentic (at least most of us are), and people look for that real-life storytelling for information and first-hand experience.


Of course, every blogger has the right to label themselves as they see fit but after talking with these women it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to be labeled a ‘mommy blogger’ as long as you are staying true to yourself and your audience. If you are a mommy blogger or aspire to be one, there are a wealth of resources available on the internet to help connect you with other bloggers who you can learn from and form a community with.