10 Common Blogging Myths You Should Not Believe

common blogging myths

Blogging is one of the best online marketing tactics to gain visibility for your brand. It is also one of the most lucrative professions to make an income. For newbie bloggers, however, this profession is still an enigma which makes it prone to several myths that have no grounds in reality.

This article is their only saving grace. In this article, we will unravel many ridiculous myths related to blogging that rookies should not pay any heed. Let’s check them out one-by-one in this list.

Myth #1: Blogging Does Not Impact Actual Business

According to a study by HubSpot, those companies that blog about 15 or more times a month get about five times more traffic than those that do not. If they increase their blogging activities by 5-8 times a month, they can even double their leads.

B2B companies can generate up to 70% more leads simply by blogging once or twice a month than those who do not. By now it should be more than apparent that if your company does not blog, you will be losing a huge chunk of money.

Myth #2: All Blog Posts Have To Be Long

Every avid reader loves a good long-format story. However, it is not always the case, especially if it is on a simple and plain topic. The in-depth content works better for organic traffic because there is plenty of time to include popular keywords.

However, if you’re writing  a post on a narrow topic, it will likely sound boring and stretched out.

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Myth #3: Traffic Comes After You Post Your Blogs

Unfortunately, it is not that simple. People around the world posts millions of blog posts every day. So you can imagine how slim your chances are in standing out from this humongous crowd.

Therefore, if you genuinely want to reach out to your audience, you have to construct a solid strategy that can allow you to share and market your content.

Myth #4: Blogging Is Only A Pastime

Blogging was initially pursued as an online journal. But today it has transformed into a new platform for making a hefty amount of money at the comfort of your home. Blogging has seen a tremendous growth in the last decade or so.Considering its phenomenal growth and extensive influence, it seems that it will supersede other platforms to monetize your skills.

Nowadays, blogging is not just a thing for successful businesses but it is something that can drive sales of any brand in a matter of days.

Myth #5: Blogging Doesn’t Take Much Time

Only those that have never tried blogging would come up with such a short-sighted fairy tail. When you get into the swing of it, you soon realize how much you have to cut your work to succeed in this profession.

You have to write consistently on a daily basis, research on the content of the blog and review the analytics of your target audience to get the best out of this powerful tool.

Above all, the content has to be superior in quality as it reflects your brand. Let’s rephrase it to make it even simpler: the better the quality of the content you share, the higher the possibility of lead conversions.

Myth #6: Reply To Every Single Comment

While it is necessary to keep up with the tweets and comments of your audience, it can be quite exhausting to have to reply to them all. It won’t be the end of the world if you do not reply to a few your fans or followers right away. However, it’s good to let them know that you will address their complaints or take their queries when you have the time.

Myth #7: You Have To Be On Every Social Platform

Hold on to your horses for a second there! Just because there is more than one social media platform out there doesn’t mean you have to have an account on every single one of them. There is Facebook, and then there is Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

However, the million-dollar question is: what platforms will your audience more likely use to approach you?

That can also coincide with the platform that you love using the most. Try your hand on the most popular platforms but also try to streamline your work to avoid burning out in the process.

Myth #8: Write On Anything You Want

You are operating a business that caters to a specific audience and their needs.So if your products and services are not appealing to their tastes, then there will be a gap between you and your customers. Therefore, you must keep the interests of your audience in mind while picking a topic for your blog.

Remember that blogging is a scientific thing that makes use of keywords. To make it more accurate and fruitful, you need to have an idea of what your audience likes and what topics will attract more eyeballs.

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Myth #9: You Have To Be A Great Writer To Be Successful

Running a blog doesn’t mean that you must write like JK Rowling. All you need is the desire and the passion for creating informative and engaging content. As long as you give your readers and viewers exactly what they want, you are going in the right direction.

Myth #10: Blogging Is All About Writing

Written content is a must, but it does not have to be the only thing. Blogging is more about educating your audience while keeping them engaged. In other words, when you put your content up, it is your job to keep it relevant, helpful as well as entertaining. Apart from writing, you can also share other pieces of content like pictures, music, and videos.

Let me shrink the whole thing to make the long story short:

If you are able to make lives of people easier with your write-ups, you are on your way to a successful path of blogging.

Author Bio:

Catherine Daisy works as a Marketing Manager for UAE Assignment Writing. She takes part in various blogging platforms to interact with budding SEO professionals and bloggers to hone their skills.