See Why Mom Bloggers Are Crushing Social Media Influence

To many, a mommy blogger is someone who blogs about their home-life with their children. However, the term ‘mommy blogger’ has grown to label almost every female blogger with a child and has ever written anything on the topic of parenting – even if this is not the primary focus of their writing. Some find this term demeaning to mothers that blog while others embrace this label and own it with a great sense of pride.

Blog Content: The Ultimate Digital Marketing Fuel

In order to have an effective digital marketing strategy, you need fuel. Blog content is the perfect way to provide fuel for virtually every marketing channel. If you have a blog already and are unsure of how it can help your company, or if you have not yet set one up, you should know that there are a multitude of reasons blogs drive business – that is, if you use them correctly, with individual digital marketing targets in mind.

How to Get 10 Weeks of Marketing From 1 Blog Post

I often refer to blog content as marketing fuel that will continue to garner traffic and draw in an audience over time – if marketed correctly. Content should be interesting and relevant to your target audience, and another crucial element to keep in mind is how you distribute your content. Far too often, brands miss out on potential readers merely because they aren’t using the right channels to reach their target, or they aren’t using the right channels appropriately. 

The Argument for Blogging Exclusively on Medium

Publishing platforms have been around since the dawn of the internet but with the boom of social media networking in recent years, the sharing of information online is happening at a faster rate than ever before. In today’s world, readers not only want their news consolidated into one place, but they want easy, fast access with just a click of a button. Medium is the publishing platform that is reshaping the way writers write and the way readers read. Some bloggers and companies are even making the decision to move their entire online publishing presence to Medium, and with good reason.

Promote Your Startup With These Very Affordable Services

You could be turning base metals into gold, but if no-one knows you're there and doing this, you're not going to have a very successful startup. Discoverability is key. You want to stand out in the crowd and with the internet that crowd has never been bigger.

Using these services will help you get noticed online more quickly and at an affordable cost. Using all of them may well put you ahead of competitors who are not putting their effort into the right areas.

7 Important Qualities of Outsourced Content Writing

Outsourced content writing is an excellent way to boost your website and generate high-quality information for your company, especially if you do not have the skills or the time to write content on your own.

However, it is important to understand that not all outsourced content writing is done equally. While it may be tempting to go for the lowest priced content you can find, it will almost inevitably be worse, regarding quality, than what you will get with more of an investment.

4 Simple Steps to Becoming an SEO Pro

If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), learning all there is to know may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry just follow these 4 simple steps and you will quickly become an SEO pro.

Whether you are providing information, entertainment, products or services, smart SEO will match you to relevant search users, significantly increasing traffic from those you want to serve.