The Many Types of Blog Posts

Whether you blog for the sake of it or because it's part of your SEO and internet marketing strategy, staying relevant requires a lot of excellent writing. Even if you don’t routinely suffer from writers' block, there are likely to be occasions when coming up with a fresh; new blog post feels almost impossible.

Creating a Content Calendar for Your Blog

The time you invest in working out what and when you are going to post can save hours of work on content that is beautiful but irrelevant. Think of infographics made from scratch and then scrapped at the last minute. Without planning. Your content may end up unused because they are not aligning with your audience, your goals and all the factors you become super aware of when you have a content calendar.

How to Generate Ideas for Blog Posts

In the same way, that an insomniac finds it increasingly difficult to sleep as they fret about the steady approach of daylight, it's common for blocked writers to get more stifled as they become increasingly anxious about their lack of production. As a business blogger, it's not unusual to feel the pressure of audience expectations and unmet business needs as you stare at a flashing cursor on a blank screen.

Use Images in Blog Posts and Get More Engagement

Images are not only important, as we can see, but they are more important than ever. Advances in smartphone technology worldwide mean increasing numbers of consumers can take professional quality photographs at any time. With the proliferation of portable camera devices have come the rise of image-centric social networks, notably Instagram and Pinterest, but not forgetting the mighty Facebook.

Monetizing Your Blog: 8 Techniques

Many blogs that now make a ton of money started out with humble beginnings, run by individuals in kitchens or garages, or small teams of friends working to a common purpose. A lot of profitable blogs didn't start out as money-making ventures. They began with people who were passionate about a subject or wanted to share their expertise or experiences in an area important to them.

Converting Blog Readers into Business Customers

It's more costly to acquire a new customer than to keep one. And - as if that wasn't reason enough to focus on customer retention via providing an excellent customer experience and after sales support - consider also that customers share experiences with their networks, networks that are growing and becoming increasingly influential thanks to social media. Customers share both positive and negative experiences, so make your approach to sales a thoughtful one that puts the customer first.

Analyzing ­the ROI of Your Blog Posts

Through blog analytics, you can quickly find out what's working and which posts are not performing so well, and come up with possible causes in both cases. Find out who is visiting your site, where they are coming from (this might surprise you), what they are looking at and for how long, and ascertain whether or not they are appreciating what they see.