What is Blog Ghostwriting and is it Right for Your Business?

blog ghostwriting

Sure, you love your visitors and your customers, but when you’re up to your elbows in handmade soap, cleanroom supplies, recycled art, or whatever your business is into, there’s not always a lot of time to be your best online, too, as regularly as clockwork. Fortunately for you, there are web writing services out there whose focus is words and they are willing to step out of the way when it comes to publishing your content in your own name.

Creating quality content takes time, resources, and expertise. If you lack any of these, or just don’t enjoy writing, but you still want to be credited as the author of your content, there is a solution in the form of ghost blogging.

What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes on someone else’s behalf, according to their specifications. He or she agrees that the owner of the ghostwritten content is credited as the creator.

Ghostwriters are often thought of as novelists or the true writers of celebrity autobiographies. They are also busy, however, creating content all over the web.

What is blog ghostwriting?

Blog ghostwriting allows businesses in all industries and of all sizes to communicate their messages online, professionally, without losing their authentic voice.

Business owners and managers frequently lack the time or resources to produce the blog posts that would boost lead generation, sales, customer engagement, and brand awareness. DIY or in-house solutions can lead to half-hearted, rushed or amateurish content that is damaging to your brand, no fun for visitors, and not much good to the internet as a whole.

Fortunately, there are ghost bloggers and ghost blogging services, such as Blog Hands, that can take the load off your hands and provide you with all three corners of the triad – they have the time, resources, and expertise to provide high quality content for your website. They can help you position your brand and boost your business with organic traffic.

If you have a blog, you probably have an understanding of Search Engine Optimization. If so, you’ll know that it takes persistence, planning, and patience to generate results from an SEO strategy. If your blog isn’t doing as well as you would like or as well as you would expect, a ghost blogging service can provide the skills and experience to make sure your efforts move your business in the right direction.

There is no point in having a map if you are in the dark. A great ghost blogging service will provide you with the plan of action and the illumination. You will be able to track progress and achieve your goals more easily and more quickly.

The sweet spot is when ghost bloggers are not only experts at writing blog post and SEO, but can also provide valuable information and empathy relevant to your field. If you want a blog for a team of microbiologists working on an esoteric research project, you might need specialists and you may be required to provide a lot of information. For most businesses, however, a team of ghost bloggers has a sufficient range of skills and experience to bring your blog to life. This team can work together to provide relevant, valuable, and engaging information for your visitors.

Hiring a blog ghostwriter

You may be a one-woman show or a small business. Hiring one writer is enough, right?

Maybe. But you’d better be one of the luckiest people in the world to get exactly the writer you need for your location, brand, business, and budget.

Even if you did decide to risk working with just one ghostwriter, hiring him or her is actually a lot of work for a business.

  • First, you’ll need to get the best writer for you by knowing what you want from your blog. This is not a question that many people can answer in any detail at first, unless they have had experience with blogs and ghost bloggers before.

  • When you can accurately describe the theme, direction, and style of your blog, you must then create a job posting, going into SEO requirements, your proposed schedule, writing skills, and how the arrangement will work in practice. A detailed, pertinent job posting is vital, especially if you’re planning to work with a single writer.

  • It is then necessary to post the job on freelance writing sites or directly to a freelance writer.

  • After posting your advert, you are likely to receive responses of varying quality from many candidates. You must weed through the flood of candidates to make a shortlist. Read provided samples to see which align best with your goals and style.

  • If the first writer you try turns out not to be a good fit, it’s wise to revisit your shortlist or dive back into the pool to find another candidate that suits you and your business better.

But there is an easier way!
Hire a blog Ghostwriting service.

A service like Blog Hands handles the hiring for you. A professional ghost blogging service can translate the messages of your brand into language that will engage the right writers. Having a defined blog strategy will facilitate matching your unique project to the writer or writers that will bring it to a conclusion.

Working with one writer can severely limit your writing capability, which is why a service like Blog Hands will use multiple writers, speeding up content creation without sacrificing quality, and allowing any business to create many different kinds of web content for most industries and any audience.

A ghostwriting service can also save you money. One reason is because you only pay for the content you need. A service will ensure that you get content with less waste. They should have the experience to get your content on target fast.


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Benefits of hiring a blog ghostwriter

They already have blogging experience – Many executives may have the knowledge and drive to blog, but fewer have the time. Blog writing is a particular skill. It’s not the same as writing advertising copy, brochure writing, or letter writing. While it can be learned and developed, hiring a blog ghostwriter means that you do not have to.

They usually have SEO and Content Marketing know-how – You may not know what kind of content you need, which can make it hard to hire the right blogger. An excellent blog ghostwriter or a blogging service will help you with SEO and content marketing.

If you have already worked out your SEO strategy and a content marketing schedule, rest assured that a professional blog ghostwriter will see that as an actionable plan and get straight to work. You will have peace of mind that content creation is in the hands of a writer that understands strategy as well as words.

They can save you time and money – a blog ghostwriter can hit the ground running. If you are behind with a project or you are just too busy to undertake content creation yourself, a blog ghostwriter can be an excellent resource.

You get all the credit – the confidentiality is what puts the ghost in ghostwriting. With a service like this, you know that your brand and your blog will be seamless. A blog ghostwriter will have the area of expertise to put themselves in your place or to write according to the tone and style of your brand in a way that engages your audience using an authentic voice.

To make sure that voice is authentic, there are things clients can do.

How to get the most out of your blog ghostwriter

Once you have engaged a ghostwriter, you can maximize their productivity, accuracy, and effectiveness by engaging with the ghost blogger, including by providing detailed information about your business and the blog post(s) you require.

  • Collaborate with your ghostwriter – getting the blog right for your business is a two-way street. Be prepared to provide resources and ideas about your business before writing takes place and constructive feedback afterward (see below).

  • Provide examples – providing an example of writing that you like or posts that you wish to emulate means that the writer has a clear goal. You can both refer to this example if anything doesn’t go to plan.

  • Give detailed feedback - the goal of providing feedback is to steer the writers and help them create content that works for you and your business. If you’re not satisfied with your draft, be sure to make it clear what worked, what didn’t, why, and how you think it might be improved. Again, providing resources and examples is very helpful as it makes details concrete and creates a reference point for you and the writer.

  • Give them insight into business goals – great content attracts visitors and converts leads. Your writers are providing a voice for your business, so let them in on your vision and plans. Tell them what effect each blog should achieve.

  • Listen to the writers’ recommendations – if you are hiring pros, you have a great opportunity to learn from their expertise and benefit from their experience and training. Encourage writers to make suggestions and they can become an even more valuable part of your team, creating ever better content for your audience.

  • Use a Content Brief - A content brief is a document that is prepared before copywriting begins, summarizing details such as the target audience, objectives, keywords etc. This will help guide the writer through their writing process. Ultimately leading to more effective content for your blog.

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Is ghostwriting right for you and your blog?

Ghostwriting helps many businesses get ahead of the competition and engage their audience. The benefit of using a service is that the effort of making high quality content happen is largely taken over by experts. You discuss a game plan, pass the ball and they run with it. With a writing team behind you, you get expert quality blog writing, you can gain valuable insights on communication social media and SEO, and you can get from idea to uploaded product fast.

There are some questions to ask before hiring a blog writing service that will help you get the writing you need. Check out 7 important qualities of outsourced content writing to make sure you are getting the service that you deserve.

Just as no two writers are quite the same, no two businesses are exactly alike. An expert ghostwriting service like Blog Hands uses multiple writers to turn your unique needs and goals into a brief and have it executed by the best people for the job.

If you have any questions about content for your business, reach out to us at Blog Hands. If you’re ready to get started with high-quality content that’s aligned with your brand, sign-up for a blog writing plan today.


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