The Best Free Multimedia Resources for Bloggers

best multimedia resources for bloggers

Using a variety of content types keeps your audience engaged. Doing so doesn’t need to be difficult. There are many resources online that will help you raise your content game. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are the best free multimedia resources that will help you create diverse, professional content that attracts your target audience and moves them to take action.

Stock Photos

For web users, a wall of text can be as impenetrable as it sounds. Most bloggers are recommended to include images in their blog posts. And blogs with images get more views and more engagement.

It has become standard practice for blog posts, to begin with a large image that attracts attention, generates interest, and sets the tone for the blog to come. Further images can then be used to help break the text into digestible sections.

Don’t fall into the trap of using images for the sake of it, however. High-quality images work best when they help you tell your story and add a new layer to your post.

To find the best images, you want a searchable database. Here are three sites that will help:

• - check this out for stunning photos, gifted by gifted photographers. The search function is fast. Helpful suggestions lead you to the results you seek.
• – don’t just search one site for the images you need. Speed things up by searching many at the same time.
• - the ultimate site for finding all things Creative Commons. It makes it easy to search for royalty-free images, as well as video and music. You can add it to your browser so it’s always only a click away.


blogging icons

These symbols can make it easier for users to navigate your site. You can use them to highlight things like the social media platforms on which they can interact with you, where to find your contact details, or where to find the desired download. They can also give your site style and set its tone. 

Icon Finder will provide you with 100s of free icons for use on your website. They are organized into sets to help you create a cohesive feel.

Flat Icon describes itself as the largest database of free icons available in PSD, PNG, SVG, EPS and BASE 64. The search function helps you to home in on the icons that are right for your site’s aesthetic.


blogging infographic

Infographics are fantastic for communicating your ideas visually. You can create stunning visuals that give good value to your visitors and that are very shareable, increasing your traffic and brand awareness. You can also use them as lead magnets to boost your conversions.

If you’ve been intimidated by the quality of infographics you’ve seen elsewhere, you can relax. While some infographics are created by professional designers, many bloggers and content creators are using applications to build engaging, professional-quality infographics. 

Not convinced? Check out Piktochart. You’ll be glad that you did.


Need sound for your website? Perhaps you are looking for some ambient audio to accompany an explainer video or something lively for an animation?

Unfortunately, obtaining copyright for music on the internet is a lengthy and costly process. Right?

Not with Opsound. This site applies the free software model to music. Using the copyleft license developed by Creative Commons, Opsound allows you to access the work of musicians and artists to download, use, or modify at will.

Charts and Graphs

A bit simpler than most infographics, charts and graphs give you a very direct way to convey information. They are brilliant for showing trends, change over time, or comparisons. You can make them easily using Google Sheets. If you’re familiar with spreadsheets, then this should be particularly easy to use. 

You can make charts with Atlas, too, but there are also many here that you can grab. Need to display US digital music revenues at a glance? Or how about countries ranked by Netflix download speeds? Or maybe you’ve been trying to illustrate how the app economy is driving employment in the EU. Whatever you need, check out Atlas’ vast range of freely available charts and graphs.

Presentations / Slideshows

Creating presentations is hard work. Even if you have the relevant expert knowledge, putting together a presentation takes time that many bloggers and content creators do not have. 

Slideshare is a great place to find quality presentations that you can use on your website. Sharing presentations shows your appreciation for useful sources of information, your ability to discern quality in your field, and provides value to your followers/visitors.

If you do have time to create your own presentation, you can improve your brand awareness, trust, and traffic by uploading it for other web users to share with their visitors.


MEMEs for blogging

Creating a meme is a great way to have your message shared around the web. All you need is a compelling idea. Use Meme Generator to create your meme fast.

Search for the most popular memes or those that have been voted best quality. Share them with or without adding your own captions. Alternatively, upload an image and create a new meme from scratch that will inform, educate, or entertain your target audience.

If you want to edit some existing content and take it to the next level, check out the following applications.

Video Creator

By now, you’ve probably heard that video is taking over the world. You can be on the winning side by using Biteable, self-described as “the world’s simplest video maker.”

Making videos is easy with Biteable. You can choose a pre-made, designer template, or choose from hundreds of animated, live action, or photo scenes to create your video. Choose your own colors, add music, then add your text, and logo. 

Incorporating video on your site doesn’t need to be costly, labor intensive, or time-consuming. Using a drag and drop system, you can create professional-quality, shareable presentations, introductions, slideshows, and more.

Sometimes, screenshots and video are the most effective way of communicating your message. Or you might want to instruct by demonstrating what happens on your screen. With TechSmith, you can easily create high-quality images and videos. 

TechSmith enables you to capture an image from your screen or record the screen. You can toggle between webcam recording and screen recording, so you can record a webinar or an instructional session, whether you are giving or receiving the training. You can edit your screenshots and trim your videos. And including audio is simple. 

Combine and share all these elements with ease using Snagit. It’s currently free for the first 15 days, which will give you time to explore all the features you’ll need and to create something for your site visitors.

Photo Editor

If you’re blogging, you are probably going to want to crop your images, change sizes or resolutions, adjust colors, and add text. You don’t need to invest in Photoshop to do it. You can achieve great results with Pixlr, a fast, free online photo editor. 

Pixlr Web Apps

Its features are comparable to Photoshop and other premium photo editors, but you won’t have to empty your wallet to use it. Start from a blank image, or open an image from various sources and manipulate it like a pro until it’s perfect for your site.

Creating high-quality web content is hard work. Save time and money by using these incredible, fun, high-quality multimedia resources for bloggers. 

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