The Argument for Blogging Exclusively on Medium

argument for using medium over wordpress or another blog platform

Publishing platforms have been around since the dawn of the internet but with the boom of social media networking in recent years, the sharing of information online is happening at a faster rate than ever before. In today’s world, readers not only want their news consolidated into one place, but they want easy, fast access with just a click of a button. Medium is the publishing platform that is reshaping the way writers write and the way readers read. Some bloggers and companies are even making the decision to move their entire online publishing presence to Medium, and with good reason.

But why is Medium so special, you ask? With so many options like Wordpress, Blogger or Squarespace, it’s important to distinguish Medium not just as a publishing tool, but as a social network that promotes a sense of community and engagement among its users.

Medium Brings Readers to You and Boosts Your Exposure

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Becoming a successful blogger without an audience is impossible. When you are first starting out, finding and keeping a loyal audience can be a tough feat and many bloggers will give up after only a few months. Plus, when you have to divide your time between writing, website design, and pushing your content through various other channels, you may find that your time isn’t being spent on the most important tasks at hand. With Medium, the most recent articles are featured first in reader’s feeds, so you are guaranteed an audience, at least for a period after you publish your piece. This critical period gives you access to users who can help give you exposure by sharing or recommending your post to their friends.

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Another perk of Medium is that it utilizes push notifications to keep in contact with your readers, which is much more realistic than email. Anytime you publish something new; your followers will be notified and even better, all users can see what their friends are recommending. This gives you consistent access to new readers and makes it easy for users to find you based on common interests. Since Medium also serves as a social network, you have the ability to tag other writers or link to other articles within your posts. Allowing writers to mention and attribute other writers in their work creates a much more collaborative writing environment, which gives others the opportunity to join in on the conversation. Medium helps you get your work out there with their easy-to-use platform, so you don’t have to stress about all the extra stuff that goes into running a blog and focus on what’s important-- writing.

The Website Design is User-Friendly, Clean & Simple

Medium’s clean layout also makes it easy for readers to interact with your posts as they can easily share posts on Twitter, Facebook or through email and even highlight their favorite parts for other users to see. This helps spark more interest in your articles and encourages readers to react and engage. Medium also makes the process of uploading your work seamless and you have the options to use any photos, audio or video into your posts layout. Users can also read, write or edit anytime, anywhere with the Medium app.

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A huge selling point for Medium is that readers do not have to deal with the hassle of signing up using their emails to receive notifications of new posts or updates. This is an advantage to bloggers because it lessens the hesitation new readers might have about following your blog. If a user wants to keep up to date with your posts all they have to do if click follow and if they decide to stop, they can just as quickly click unfollow. No email, no RSS, no extra effort.

New Contributors Will Keep Your Publication Fresh

Publications are like a collection of a curated set of posts under your brand. It is, in a literal sense, like having your publication people can “subscribe” to by following you. You are in charge of what gets published in your publication, and you even have the option of allowing outside writers to contribute if you wish. Anyone can submit an article to a publication, and you have the choice to decide whether you want to publish it or not. Either way, credit will always be given to the original writer but having outside writers contribute is a great way to keep your blog up-to-date and fresh with new and interesting material. Introducing new writers under your publication is also an excellent strategy to enhance exposure because they’re followers will then be led over to your blog, driving more traffic your way.

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Still Have Reservations and Questions?

As promising as Medium’s full potential seems to be, not all bloggers are convinced to make the switch just yet. Many have questions like, where will it be in the future? Will it still be around in 5 or 10 years? What about driving traffic to my website? What will this do for my SEO? What does this mean for ownership of my work?

Most of these questions will be up to the individual blogger and what they decide is more important in the long-run. Some say if it’s just a trend that disappears then they will simply hop on the newest trend then. While Medium is a publishing platform outside of any main website you might have for your business, you can still direct your readers thereby including links within your posts. Regarding SEO, some worry posting the same content on their blog onto Medium will hurt them, and this is a risk some are willing to take if it means gaining more exposure through Medium rather than their website.

When it comes to ownership and rights of your work, you are always taking a chance anytime you publish anything online. On Medium, your posts will always be under your brand, and if you write for another publication, you will still be given credit as the author. If someone decides to steal your writing, remember that this could just as easily happen anywhere on the interwebs.

A suggestion for those with some hesitations could be this: rather than packing up shop and moving your entire blog over to Medium, start by using it just as an additional channel to push your existing content. You could even write a few new posts just to try out and see what success you have. Give is a test run and see how it goes; then decide how you feel.