How to Start Your Freelance Writing Career Through Blogging

freelance blogging career

freelance blogging career

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Changing a career is an important step that may bring changes to your life. However, sometimes you change the career just to make those changes happen. For example, you may dream about more spare time and the possibility to work from any country. If fact, this is one of the dreams that everyone has. That’s why everyone considers the possibility to become a freelancer. Still, freelancing is not for everyone. For example, you cannot be a freelance doctor or a freelance lawyer. Of course, you can take some order, but that will not be enough to earn money and to attract new clients. Thus, you need to find some occupation that will allow you to make money despite the necessity to visit the office, find new clients, and even to talk to people. One of the best ones is becoming a becoming a writer.

Why writing career is great for virtually anyone

A writer is not necessarily a person who writes novels and stories. It may be the person who writes posts to Facebook or descriptions to photos in Instagram. It may also be a person who creates content for blogs or articles for Forbes. It may also be a person who shares his experience in Medium or another blog-oriented platform.

Thus, it does not actually matter whether your previous occupation is connected with writing if you want to become a freelance writer. Moreover, in some cases, it’s even better to have the occupation which is not connected with writing as you may use your experience to create unique content that has never been published before. If you have your own blog, this is even easier to do than you have ever thought.

Now, we will move to the blogging as one the best ways to start you writing career and share some tips on how to make your blog work even if you have never tried yourself neither in writing nor blogging.

Blogging as the first step to writing career

The popularity of blogging has increased dramatically. The first bloggers had been the enthusiasts who wrote for themselves and some random visitors. Modern bloggers know that blog is a good way to earn money. For example, you may become a professional writer, an influencer whose opinion does matter, or just a popular blogger who will make a blog a place for advertisement and cooperation with famous companies. No matter which of the ways will bring you money, to make your blog popular, you need to follow some strategies and work on the promotion. We are going to reveal you three steps that will turn your blog into a total success for your writing career:

1)    Share your experience and insider information

After you have chosen the niche of your blog and decided the main topic that you will cover, you need to develop your content strategy. Your posts should be regularly posted, keyword rich, and interesting for the readers. You need to produce valuable content that your visitors would love, and you need to make everything possible to make your visitors return to your website to find the information they have been looking for or the information that they did not even expect to find.

To create valuable content, share your experience. The readers will appreciate if you write not only the success stories but also tell about the failures and problems that you’ve met. Give them some pieces of the insider information that can hardly be found somewhere else. It would cost you nothing, but the popularity of your blog and the number of visitors will increase.

2)    Establish contacts with your readers

A blog is not a book, novel or story where the opinion of your readers has no importance. When writing posts to a blog, you need to keep your readers in the first place. First of all, you need to cover topics that are interesting to your target audience. Secondly, you need to communicate to your readers. It means that you need to reply to the comments, ask them questions and respond to their questions. Thirdly, a good idea will be to transfer your communication on Facebook or another social media. Thus, your readers will know you not only as a writer but also as a person.

3)    Write faster, write better, write more

If your blog is the first step to your writing career, you need to make use of all the available resources to boost your writing skills. That’s why we would recommend you to generate as many posts as possible, to write every single day and to analyze the behavior of your audience. Writing regularly, you will define your style and will understand how to reach to your audience quicker. You will get to know what inspires you for writing, what day time is the best for you to write, and what’s even more important, you will get to know how to deal with criticism.

Starting a blog is a good decision for everyone who wants to give a try to a freelance writing career, but this is also a good decision for everyone who wants to change their lives in general. You do not need to invest money or pay some extensive efforts to become a blogger, this, you may create your blog right now and start creating posts that will open you a door to the world of creative writing and writing success.

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