Create Epic Blog Content with EpicBeat

Manually doing all the work of researching topics and trends online can be an exhausting task. Today we're going to talk about one of our favorite tools to use when facing this obstacle. 

EpicBeat is a content intelligence tool that makes research easy. If you are a content marketer, you will want to use this service! It allows you to search quickly for trending content, across a vast variety of social media platforms, showing you where you should be posting and what your blog content should look like, in great detail.

Researching Your Market Audience

You can use EpicBeat to analyze your competitors’ sites and see what is, and what is not working for them. Having this information for your content strategy is great, as you can learn from their mistakes without making them yourself, and expand on their successful moves to make your content that much better.

Keyword and topic analysis is one essential service EpicBeat provides. Just input the subject of interest, be it health food, organic pet products – anything! – And EpicBeat will let you know what platforms are most popular amongst people searching for these subjects. Some keywords may be trending on Facebook while others are going viral on Twitter. With this knowledge, you can tailor your content to the particular platform that is most used, ensuring you will meet your audience where they already are.

Making Sure Content Reaches Your Intended Audience– Keywords, Timing, Length, and More

EpicBeat also gives a comprehensive insight into the details of a particular keyword or topic.

Using this service, you can see which types of content are performing best on various platforms, letting you know if you should be running giveaways, making lists, publishing interviews, or something else entirely.

You can also see what time and day are best to post to tap into the highest number of people, waiting to read your content. If you can attract your audience immediately, your content will not sit unnoticed, growing stale. Instead, people will read it, share it, and learn more about you and your business.

With this tool, you can see how long your content should be. Some people, on some platforms, may be interested in longer articles while others are into shorter blurbs. Knowing this, you can allocate the right resources to researching more in-depth content, or save time when a simple, short article would be better.

EpicBeat gives insight into the reading level best suited for your content, so again you can best use your time to generate information that satisfies its readers. There is no point in crafting a highly intellectual post when your users want something that is easy to digest.

This service allows you to find influencers in a particular industry or about the topic or subject of interest. Connecting with these people is a valuable way to improve your impact. You can reach out to the influencers and form a partnership, or directly mention them within your content. By linking to a blog post, a tool, or a quote from a trustworthy influencer, you will be able to reach out to them when your content goes live and tap into their audience if they choose to share the interaction and content with their followers.

Increasing the Impact of Your Blog Content

To have the best content out there, you need to be creating things that are truly unique. They should suit your target audience, and they need to hold their interest, which is increasingly challenging in a world of constantly refreshing news feeds. The best way to do this is through proper research.

When you know exactly when, where, and how to create your content to give it the biggest impact possible, you will see results. Instead of blindly stumbling your way around digital marketing, hoping for the best, you can rest assured that the knowledge you have gained from a tool like EpicBeat will get your content front and center, exactly where it needs to be.

Smart content marketing involves getting the most impact out of your work. Do not waste time, effort, and money creating posts that will go ignored. Even if you have worked hard to craft a high-quality post, if it is not in the right place, targeted to the right people, using the best keywords, it will not be successful. That is why a strong understanding of industry trends and insights is so vital.

You could try to do all of this research on your own, spending countless hours crawling through competitors’ sites, checking up on social media platforms, and hoping you will be able to gather all of the details that you need. Or, you can use an automated tool that does all of the work for you, and have more time left over to use those insights to craft killer content.

Is There a Catch?

Best yet, EpicBeat's basic features are free. If you want advanced features, you can upgrade to EpicBeat Plus. The free plan gives you unlimited searches, the latest content, access to Twitter influencers, and one keyword alert, all for one user. EpicBeat Plus expands the content to everything from one year ago, with multi-channel influencers, and data export, plus more alerts and more users. 

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Sample Data Exports:

Whether you choose the basic, free plan, or upgrade to something more robust, EpicBeat will change the way you create content. It is like having an expert right beside you, telling you exactly how you should make and share your posts, for the greatest impact.

There is nothing to lose by using such a fast, efficient tool for content research, so if you are on the fence, give EpicBeat a try. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about how to best market your content, the more likely it is that your research and writing will pay off. Give yourself the greatest advantage by learning all you can about the subjects and topics that are of interest to your industry, your business, and your clients, present, and future.