Content Types That Drive Remarkable Attraction

Content that drives attraction

Here are content Types That Drive Real Traffic

When you are finished building your website, what comes next? Marketing it. You need to find a way to make it discoverable in searches. You are competing with thousands of sites like yours. The last thing you want is to rank outside of Google's page one. Did you know that 75 percent of searchers do not look beyond Google's first page of search results?

You need to create and use enough of the right kind of content. Your content should aim at engaging visitors on your site. Here are various types of content that could improve your website:

Visual Content



You need both text-based content and other types of content on your site. Even though text should be an integral part of your website, consider mixing it with visual content. In fact, visual content should play a pivotal role in your content marketing efforts.

Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners. Additionally, 90 percent of all information that reaches the brain is visual. It does look like people have an innate psychological resonance with content that is visual. Incorporate videos, memes, presentations, images, and infographics.

Research has proven that video attracts more online traffic than plain text. Sixty percent of the people on your site will click on your video before they shift their attention to written content. Additionally, a video is 1,200 percent more likely to receive sharing than text-based content and links combined.

What types of videos are you going to use? Create how-to videos, demonstration videos, and animated explainer videos. Persuade a few satisfied customers to tell others about your product or service on video. It builds credibility and trust. Always use high-quality videos on your site — people are likely to associate them with your brand.




People may not want to be the only ones using your products or services. You want to find a way to show that others have bought your products. Numbers and statistics work. Who would not feel comfortable dealing with a company that has already shipped thousands of products? Consider using infographics to display your figures and statistics. A well-done infographic may become a stunning visualization that brings to life dull facts and numbers.


Just like interesting videos, good infographics may go viral. If people like them well enough, they will share them on social media. If they attain "viral" status, your brand will become more visible out there. To bypass size restrictions on social media platforms, include thumbnail images and hyperlinks back to the site that hosts the full image. The result is more traffic and inbound links to your website.


Memes are images that bear humorous captions. College students use to share them among themselves for entertainment. But things have changed. Today, memes play an important role in content marketing.

You can use memes to differentiate yourself in the market. You can creatively use them to evoke certain kinds of emotions — positive emotions. But you need to be confident they are appropriate for your niche and that your audience will find them engaging.

Are you marketing to a younger demographic? Consider adding memes to the content mix. Memes can help you build a community of fans through creation and sharing of industry-related jokes. What is better to have than a fan base that is happy and feeling positive about your brand?


Consider including high-quality, textually relevant images in your text-based posts. Articles with photos attract 94 percent more views than those purely comprised of plain text. People's attention span seems to be growing shorter. They may not have the patience to read massive blocks of text to completion.

Use original images or ones you have obtained through personal effort. Quality photos can add a personal touch to your content marketing campaign. But they are expensive to buy or may take a lot of time to create.

If you are running a marketing campaign with a strict budget you can even utilise free images for the initial stage. Adding of the graphics in very important factor. This will help you get more engagement. If for example, you are writing an article on fashion and style statement for the modern day women, you should add images related to fashion and accessories so that the people reading the article could get an idea on how adapting the styles could make them look more adorable.


Presentations are no longer exclusively a boardroom affair. You can use them in your marketing strategy. They can help you inform and communicate to your audience regardless of the device they are using.

Presentations are similar to infographics. Except that with them, there is a greater focus on color and design. They use attractive design and color to draw the attention of visitors to your text. Another way they are different than infographics is that they have a broader scope. Consider presentations when you have to handle topics that are rather long. A well-done presentation can be extremely effective in enhancing people's engagement. Ensure that your content is error-free and comes from credible sources. You may want to avoid Wikipedia and suchlike sources. Pay attention to fonts, colors, and borders.


Text forms an integral part of any good website. You need to create and use content that people want to read. In today's digital reality of information overload, people are not reading — they have become scanners. One scan is all they need to decide whether they want to continue to the end.

You, therefore, need to upload skimmable content. You have 10–20 seconds to grab people's attention. Avoid using large blocks of text. Instead, write short, clear and concise paragraphs. Bold important statistics; use bullets where necessary.

Break down your articles and blog posts into subheadings. And you are not writing an encyclopedia; use a conversational tone. People are likely to share well-written, informative, and interesting articles and blog posts. Include links to authoritative posts on your site. The links lead people back to your site when shared on social media.

All these ideas can help you drive lots of traffic to your website. You may want to consult with a digital marketing professional for more site improvement ideas. Using the right content may lead to more online engagement and ultimately, more revenue and profits.