Blog Roundup: Create Killer Headlines, Hiring Bloggers and More

blog roundup

We wanted to share with you some other content we’ve written on other blogs and at the same time show these blogs a little love. We’re always excited to write for blogs that share some of the same values and areas of expertise that we do.

How to Create Headlines that Improve Social CTR and SEO

In this article, we explain a process virtually anyone can follow to create blog post headlines that get higher click-through-rates and also lead to SEO results.

About Quuu

Quuu provides content suggestions for social media that have been hand-picked by experts in their field, called Quuurators. They human check all of their content, and added by a human; this is where Quuu wins out over other content suggestions providers where algorithms pull tenuously relevant content based merely on keywords. The result for people sharing these content suggestions is increased activity and engagement on social media which results in a more activated and larger following - all this and it saves you time as the content ideas are automatically posted each day to all your social profiles seamlessly via Buffer.

Also, check out The Benefits of Sharing Blog Content on Social Networks that we published on their sister site,

How Blogging Can Bring Your Business Amazing Value

On the fence whether your business should be blogging or not? In this article, we explain 7 key benefits that virtually any business can get from blogging.

About Doz

DOZ is a company that sits at the nexus of two technological and social trends: globalization and the gig economy. Their marketing management software helps companies design, plan, price, and launch digital campaigns, while their marketplace of expert marketers help those software clients to scale their projects internationally in minutes. Based in Lyon, France, the company connects clients ranging from small and medium businesses to Fortune Global 500 firms with their network of 7000 marketers in dozens of countries.

The Value of Hiring a Ghost Blogger

Virtually all digital marketing experts will suggest that your business should have a regularly updated blog. Unfortunately, not everyone is a writing expert. In this article, we explore the benefits of higher a ghost blogger to help you develop content.

About Blogtrepreneur was founded by brothers Matthew and Adam Toren, serial entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. They created Blogtrepreneur to provide other business owners with free educational information that will help guide them to success.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Student Blogging

Schools, much like many small businesses need to find ways to create content for their website. We exam how someone creating a content marketing campaign for a school can best work with students to help them learn about digital marketing as well as give potential students insight into what it’s like being a student.  

About Circa Interactive

Circa Interactive was founded in 2011 by two aspiring entrepreneurs who set out to change the way higher education was marketed online. Circa brings a mix of creative and analytical solutions to their university partnerships through digital PR, social media, SEM, SEO and paid search campaigns. Through all of their unique offerings, Circa can help their higher education clients increase lead flow, build brand awareness and generate more students for their targeted degree programs. If you’d like to learn more about Circa Interactive, you can find more information about them here.

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