Blog Content: The Ultimate Digital Marketing Fuel

100% digital marketing fuel!

In order to have an effective digital marketing strategy, you need fuel. Blog content is the perfect way to provide fuel for virtually every marketing channel. If you have a blog already and are unsure of how it can help your company, or if you have not yet set one up, you should know that there are a multitude of reasons blogs drive business – that is, if you use them correctly, with individual digital marketing targets in mind.

A good business blog setup can have a huge, positive impact on your social media presence, your email marketing success, online advertising, search engine optimization, and your sales team. Put all together, success in these areas can make the difference between a failing company, and a booming business.

Read on to find out more about how to fuel your digital marketing with high quality, regularly updated blog content.


Stirs Up the Conversation on Social Media

Blog posts can have a large impact on your social media presence. Each blog post you write is an opportunity to reach out and connect with your followers on various social media platforms. Because of this, it is important to share your posts across a wide variety of platforms, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, to capture the different audiences found on each site.
Your posts offer a starting point for conversations and interactions with followers. When you share a post to social media, you should prompt followers to chime in with a question that encourages them to share their personal experiences and opinions. When you respond to their comments, you are showing a more human, personable side of your business that can lead to happier customers and repeat business. Nurturing relationships with social media followers goes a long way.

Adds a Personal Touch to Email Marketing

Sharing blog posts over email personalizes your contact with customers – instead of sending them solely sales-related emails, you can capture their interest with links to your blog. And, when they click over to see what you have written, they will find themselves on your website where they may be inclined to keep looking around to see what you have available.

Email marketing draws people to your site in a new way, and can significantly expand the number of hits to your page. Make it easy for people to access your blog by creating a simple sign-up page for a blog post newsletter, or just adding blog post links to your regular mailing schedule. As with other email contact, it is important to allow people to opt out if they choose, but if your blog content is engaging and interesting, customers should be happy to receive your links via email!

Creates Online Advertising That Draws Them In

People tend to gloss over advertisements that look like blatant advertisements – how can you attract attention to what you are marketing in a way that captivates people?
Native ads fit in alongside similar content. For blog posts, that means you will be using your articles to promote products or services, interspersed with other articles. When people read your blog, they will see it as written work, rather than advertising, so they will be more inclined to keep reading and learn more.

Native ads work very well, and if you are already writing for a blog, it is easy to fit in content that promotes sales. Not every blog post needs to highlight a particular product or service, but you can write about other topics that pertain to your company without making a sales pitch. In between these posts, you can add the native advertisements, and people will keep reading all of your content.

You can also link to specific sales-oriented blog posts from non-sales blog posts, to make it easy for people to click over to native advertisements.

Does Wonders for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the driving forces behind website hits and robust sales. Many companies are already using SEO within their usual static web content, but adding a blog to your site creates even more opportunities for SEO, which will bring you new visitors every time.

Each time you publish a new article, if you have used SEO well, search engines will crawl your page and see that it is active, boosting your rankings on a search engine results page and ensuring that potential customers see your links first.

Every blog article also exists as an opportunity to build in more keywords, so people will be directed to your site when they are searching for relevant information. This is a remarkable, easy way to keep your site regularly updated and active, and continually drawing in new business.

Search engine optimization is a careful balance between attracting page hits with keywords without overwhelming your content with obvious optimization. Ideally, SEO keywords will blend in with the rest of your content in a way that it is not over the top, while still providing search engines with the content they need.

Gives the Sales Team Resources

Your sales team needs to have a good platform to educate prospective clients about your product and services. One of the best ways to be proactive about this is through blog posts. 

By writing blog posts about your products and services, your sales team can answer questions and give information without even being asked. This saves time for everyone – clients can learn about what you offer without needing to call or email you, and your sales team can have all of the details available up front so they can focus on other things.

Using blog posts to answer common questions about products and services, share new information, and give details about upcoming sales, promotions, and other special events show your clients that you care about giving them all the information you can. 

Your sales team is sure to appreciate the chance to get their work up online, and your clients will be equally appreciative of having their questions answered in advance.

With all of these great benefits, it simply makes sense to add a blog to your company’s online presence. Get started today and see your digital marketing explode!