5 Effective Content Analysis Tools You Need to Try

 content analysis tools

Producing dynamic, engaging content on a consistent basis is hard work. Nailing the tone, avoiding grammar mistakes, coming up with the perfect headline, and optimization isn't easy. Fortunately, these content analysis tools will help you create more effective content with ease. They can also ensure your text reaches your target audience in the best shape possible.

Take stress and uncertainty out of your blogging with these 5 tools.

1. Create Better Headlines with Headline Analyzer

 headline analysis tool

You have brooded, battled and bled to create stellar content. And yet, it's not reaching the audience it deserves. How do you catch people's attention, so they click through to your content?

Creating a compelling headline is a key way to get your content the attention it deserves.

Headline Analyzers software reads your headline and then gives it a score for SEO, share potential, and possible traffic increase.

How it works

Type your headline into a powerful but simple online interface. The analyzer immediately checks word usage, title length, and characters. It will also tell you your headline type. Lists, how to and question headlines get the most click-throughs. Click for more details and get a deeper analysis.

The analyzer will inform you of the balance between common, uncommon, emotion and power words. The use of these words will make your headlines stand out in the crowd.

Headline Analyzer will also tell you your headline length. It understands how people scan text rather than read it while on the web. Where necessary, the tool will help optimize your headline length for Google and other search engines.

The headline analyzer stores all your draft headlines so you can compare them and retrieve them easily. Ultimately helping you choose the headline that will be most effective.

2. Make Your Content More Relevant with nTopic

 ntopic content analysis

Great. You've got your headline and your subject matter. How do you know you're nailing the SEO topic relevancy?

Going off topic is okay occasionally, but you don't want to meander too much. nTopic uses statistics to tell you if you've focused your content on the keyword you are targeting.

How it works

Install this tool on Wordpress or Chrome. It will review your content for words that it expects to appear according to the keyword(s) you are targeting.

While the plugin is free to use, you can pay for keyword recommendations. Incorporating these recommended keywords will boost the SEO relevancy of your articles. A recent evaluation of the software indicated a 17.5% lift in organic traffic when using keywords nTopic suggested.

Paid access also gives you information on which keywords to exclude.

3. Ensure Your Content is Mistake-Free with Grammarly

 Grammarly text analysis 

How can you ensure that your writing ability isn't letting you down?

Not everyone who creates content for the web is a wordsmith. A little help can give you confidence that you're communicating your message effectively.

Grammarly checks for over 150 types of spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues. It examines text for more than 250 of these problems if you go for the premium version.

This tool gives you the tips you need to sharpen your writing. If it's easier to read, it will be more enjoyable. If it's grammatically correct, it will be more professional. 

How it works

Cut and paste your content into the online tool. Alternatively, you can upload your content. Grammarly analyses the text and provides grammar insight in the right-hand margin. Make corrections with a single stroke of a key

Users can also get more information about the rules Grammarly bases its suggestions on. You can make an informed decision about every potential change.

Install it in your browser for writing improvement advice on the fly. It will even work as you email.

4. Perfect Your Writing Style with Hemingway Editor

 hemingway editor

Making your writing grammatically correct is a great start. How can you then make sure that it's bold and clear?

Ernest Hemingway is known for his powerful but accessible writing style. By using words economically, his work achieves a grade 8 readability score, although it is for an adult audience.

Hemingway Editor will supercharge your writing by showing you the fluff. It's like a spellchecker but for style.

How it works

This tool focuses on sentence length, adverbs, passive voice and overly complex words.

You can either write directly into the online interface or paste your text in. When you're ready, switch to edit mode. Your passages will then be color-coded according to what you could improve.

It also has a formatting toolbar, so it's easy to create immediately usable content in the editor.

You can pay for a desktop version, which affords you free updates for life.

5. Write for Your Audience with Atomic Reach

 atomic reach writer software

Atomic Reach is a scoring engine. It is a powerful tool that gives you a visual analysis of your contents potential reach and enhances communication with your target audience. 

Connect up social media profiles and Google analytics, enter your content URLs and see how people are engaging with your writing. See views, social media shares, and trends.

It will also tell you if your content resonates with the knowledge level of your target audience. The expertise variables are 'general', 'knowledgeable', 'specialist', 'academic', and 'genius'.

How it works

Paste your article into the interface. Choose your target audience and you'll get your visual report immediately.

Suggested improvements include paragraph density. Making paragraphs shorter can make your text more readable, particularly online where people scan.

This resource also determines what keywords it thinks you are targeting. You might get a valuable insight if an unexpected keyword shows up.

Atomic Reach will launch Grammarly within the interface if you want more editing capability.

Your content writing just got easier and better. Keep working on coming up with great ideas. Immerse yourself in the topics that you are passionate about. Then, run your text through these 5 tools.

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Your content marketing strategy opens communication with your audience and your blog posts say a lot about your branding and your professionalism. Never rush a post. If they are worth creating, they are worth honing. Make them as readable and enjoyable as possible.

Use these 5 readily-available tools to make sure that your content is in the best state before it reaches your audience.