15 Ad Platforms for Buying Targeted Blog Traffic

buying targeted blog traffic

When you publish a brand new blog post, and you've done your on-page SEO and promoted it via social media and even email the traffic generated can seem small concerning the time you invested into creating the content. 

The truth is it's going to take time for your blog post to create ROI. If you've created an evergreen piece of content, it will drive traffic long after it has been published and if it gains popularity, it may become extremely valuable months from now. 

Don't you wish you could speed up the process? That's where advertising your content comes into play. This gets targeted traffic more quickly and allows you to see if the content will drive ROI in a much shorter time-frame. 

You can also improve the engagement of the content which can indirectly improve the SEO performance of the content. 

Here are 15 advertising platforms you can use to promote your blog posts. I've sorted them by my most to least favorite. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook's audience targeting tools make it one of the best options for nearly any business. 

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads tend to lead to a lot of social engagement; shares, tweets, mentions, and it can help you get in front of online influencers. 

Quuu Promote

You aren't technically buying traffic from Quuu but you are increasing your social exposure which leads to traffic. 


This is one of the easier native advertising platforms available. Get your content visibility on major publications. 


Taboola is very similar to outbrain and there may be networks here that better suite your audience.


Reddit Ads

If you create awesome content and target the correct subreddit you can drive a lot of very affordable traffic. 

Pinterest Ads

Depending on your product/service pinterest might belong closer to the top of this list. Another great social network to advertise on. 

Stumbleupon Ads

This is probably the cheapest way to drive semi-targeted website traffic. 


Adroll makes the whole retargeting concept easy to get into. Share your content with people who've already visited your website. 

LinkedIn Ads

This might be higher on your list depending on your target audience but I've found it challenging to get the kind of numbers you can get from platforms like Facebook. 

Instagram Ads

This is possibly a good option for those with a more visual brand/content marketing strategy.


Adwords is typically seen as a platform for driving conversion based traffic for products and services but it can be utilized for long-tail content based searches as well. 

Bing Ads

The same concept for Adwords applies here.

YouTube Ads

ConsideringYouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google you may want to consider advertising content here.

iOS Ads

If your audience spends a lot of time in apps than advertising on iOS can be a great option.

apple ads


The number of advertising options for content continues to climb and this is a great news for content marketers and bloggers. The more options we have at our fingertips the more ways we can target and engage with our audience. Which platforms are most effective for you will depend on many factors and I hope there are a few here you feel is a good fit.