10 Easy Ways to Build a High Blog SEO Score

blog seo score

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In recent years, blogging has surprisingly expanded around the world. Every website, in every profession category, now seems to have a blog. Blogging is a great way to attract like-minded visitor onto a website and built up a credible reputation on the web. Blogging has been proven to be the most effective way to improve a website authenticity and is known to improve search engine rankings instantly.

As stated above, almost all websites have an active blog. Thus, the simple act of writing and publishing a post cannot do justice when it comes to SEO. Proper search engine optimization will effectively increase the rank of a website in search engines and guarantee more website hits. Read below the 10 ways to build high SEO score for your blog.

1. Topic Defined Content

When blogging, the topic of content must be defined. The topic should be based on what the website is about. If the website is about finances, then all article posts should be unique and revolve around that selected topic. This method makes it easy for search engines to place a website in a specific category. 

2. Grammar Check

Grammar check is one of the most important things when it comes to blogging. An article piece should be presentable to audiences of all ages. For an article to be presentable, it must be readable for its audience. The goal of every blog on a website is to give out accurate advice and knowledge to the reader. The average visitor will trust a website that has a well written and grammar correct article versus an article with poor content and grammar. Always double check an article and do an auto grammar check online to ensure it passes with flying colors!

3. Catchy Titles

Turning ahead and catching an eye can be achieved by writing a catchy title. Good titles always get more hits and readers! Forming an element of curiosity in the title is the best way to attract interest. The trick to producing a catchy title is by using strong power words to convince the pre-reader why they should click the article. 

What are the top 10 best power words for blogging?

Success, Instant, Powerful, Discover, Special, Exclusive, Double, Free, Secret, Insider.

4. URL Construct

The construction of a URL has a big influence in SEO ranks. A URL structure can influence the page visibility rank in search engines and the index speed of the post.

Best URL Construct: www.yourblogdomain.com/powerful-ways-to-succeed

Note: The URL above is direct and google friendly. 

Worst URL Construct:  www.yourblogdomain.com/102/4/4/12/14/powerful_ways_to_succeed

Note: The URL above has too many subdirectories and contains underscores.

5. Ping and RSS Share

After every post, always ping, update, and share an RSS feed. This will speed up the indexing process and allow all RSS followers to read the new feed. Feed burner is the best feed sharing tool powered by Google.

6. Keyword Target

To guarantee a search engine rank for each blog post, there must be a keyword target. The keyword target of choice should always be different per blog post. This targeted keyword must be mentioned in the title tag, subtitle tag, and inside the content of the article. When browsing on the net, the average website visitor will look up a specific keyword. With that said, having that keyword inside the title can ensure to the web visitor that the content is specifically about the keyword target.

7. Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design

A blog post can be published through a WordPress content management system or a PHP built website. However, the design of a website has a major influence on rankings. Mobile friendly website design is one of the top SEO ranking factors. Due to large groups of mobile visitors browsing on a daily basis around the world, a website must meet mobile guidelines to be both mobile friendly regarding design and mobile optimized for SEO ranks. Mobile devices have different device sizes, so to make a blog responsive is the best remedy for all.

What are the top 3 ways to instantly make a blog mobile friendly?

  1. Use Media Queries to achieve a responsive design.
  2. Include the Viewport tag in the head section of the webpage.
  3. Increase font size to make content readable for the mobile device visitor.

8. HTML Tags

Using HTML Tags correctly is an important part when it comes to having a website ranked on Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines. The HTML tags allow search engines to gather necessary information from a website and others control how your page appears in the search results.

What are some of the top HTML tags to include onto the page of a website?

  • The title tag.
  • The meta description.
  • The canonical tag.
  • The header tag.
  • The robot tag.
  • The defined charset tag.

9. Descriptive Image Optimization

Aside from meta tag text optimization, image optimization is just as important. Images have the ability to be ranked as well. Google images are one of the most browsed directories online. If an image is ranked in a high position in google images, there will always be a URL linking to the blog post attached if a visitor clicks on that image. Images can bring in tons of website hits! When optimizing an image, use the alt tag to define what the image is about. Remove the image name and file name from the alt tag if auto placed. Keep the alt tag to a max of 100 chars and avoid keyword stuffing.

10. Social Media Sharing

Social media can build up credibility on the web regarding popularity and web visibility. A large following on social media will often guarantee website hits and link shares! With every blog post, it is recommended to share that post on the top 10 social media websites ( Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Tumblr, Delicious, Scoop It). Posting on social media with a schedule based time frame can increase followers immensely!

Building a high blog SEO score can guarantee followers, visitors, sales, and popularity on the web. The more unique content a website creates, the better it is for rankings. The higher a blog is ranked online, the more trusted it will become.  Follow the 10 ways listed above to build up a high SEO score for your blog successfully.

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